Der stehende Putter ist und bleibt zulässig

Wir bekommen täglichen Fragen bzgl der neuen Golfregeln und unserem stehenden Putter. Ist dieser noch erlaubt und darf man den Putter auch im Turnier noch ablegen/hinstellen?

Der Putter ist legal auch die Vorgehensweise, diese Infos haben wir ganz offiziell von R&A .

R&A hat uns folgende Mail dazu gesendet:

I can let you know that nothing about the new Rules of Golf affects the conformance of your putters. The decisions which were previously made are still valid, and so there should be no concern regarding this, from your perspective.

There is a set of Rules clarifications which identify self-standing putters, which have previously been ruled conforming, as still being conforming, so if any of your customers have any questions, please direct them to us and we will be able to reassure them that there are no issues. Also, you can still point to any conforming rulings that you have on your putters as being valid.

At the present time, there will not be a public notice as to the clarifications, but golfers are always encouraged to check with the R&A to confirm conformance of products.

I hope that this is of some assistance.

Wir freuen uns also riesig, dass unsere Putter legal und zugelassen bleiben 😉

Sonnige Grüße Patrick